ASNA 2019 Officers

Executive Committee
President: Brandon Knisley (1277 Agnes) 714.269.0716
Vice President for Neighbors: JD Wilson (1419 Agnes) 901.509.5141
Vice President for Properties: Becky Todd (790 E Snowden)
Recording Secretary: Bruce Ralston
Treasurer: Linda Lipinski (774 E Snowden) 901.674.3748
Program/Event Director: Jen Knisley (1277 Agnes) 847.275.3632

Block Captains
Coordinator – Katie and Shannon Holmes (1268 Agnes) 662.312.4178,
Agnes East – Tim Prudhomme (1365 Agnes) 
Agnes Central/West – Leslie Ann Harris (1243 Agnes)
Snowden Circle – John Carroll (800 E Snowden) 901.628.5474
Sledge East – Don Anderson
Sledge West – Barry and Katie Lincoln
Central East – Becca and Andy Sawyer (1250 Central) 502.435.6702,
Central West – Christopher Church (1215 Central) 901.846.6862
Dorothy Place – vacant

Correspondence Secretary:
for Social Media – Leslie Ann Harris (1243 Agnes)
for Newsletter – Marty Lipinski (774 E Snowden) 901.619.4449

At Large:
Carl Cross
Robert Grisham (1268 Sledge) 901.230.1255
Timiko Thomas

ASNA Bylaws

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Memphis Landmarks Commission

Oversees building/construction in historic districts and ensures that they meet our building codes. Planning construction on the exterior of your home? Contact ASNA at and we can help you with the process.


Memphis Heritage

Non-profit advocate for historic preservation in Memphis


Heritage Building Supply

Non-profit store-front that sells architectural salvage (doors, windows, door hardware, sinks, fireplace mantles, etc.) at reasonable prices.


South Front Antiques

Large selection of salvaged architectural hardware and antiques.


The Craftsman Blog

Great resource for maintaining craftsman style homes like those in our neighborhood – paint, plaster, windows, old wood, etc.


Crump Police Station

949 E.H. Crump Boulevard, Front Desk: (901) 636-4600


311 Non-Emergency

Dial 311 or submit your request online. You can track the progress of online requests